Bone broth is made from animal bones and connective tissue — typically beef, chicken, or fish — that have been boiled into a broth and slow simmered for 10 to more than 20 hours with often with herbs, vegetables, and spices. 

At Restore, it all starts with grassfed, hormone free, antibiotic free beef bones or certified organic chicken bones , which we are proud to source from Bostocks in the Hawkes Bay and a collective of Organic Beef farmers in the South Island. Our farmers raise their animals without any added hormones and antibiotics. 

Next we combine the highest-collagen content bones (neck and marrow beef bones and frames and feet chicken bones) with filtered water and organic apple cider vinegar into a large cooker. 

Part way through the 24 hour process we add only organic himalayan sea salt, and organic peppercorns. This means no artificial ingredients, no preservatives and no additives. 

The broth is cooked for 24+ hours at 75-85 degrees celsius. This provides enough time for the marrow, collagen and amino acids to soak into the broth. 

We package our broth while it's hot and then it is cooled (very quikly!) and frozen. We freeze our product which means it is as fresh as it can be and none of the valuable nutrients are destroyed through pasteurization or other heat-related packaging methods. It also means it has a longer shelf life (6 months). 

Our signature broths are affectionately named GUTSY BEEF and CHEEKY CHICKEN. They are available frozen in both 1 litre and 500ml volumes. Once defrosted you have 7 days to consume your bone broth which is pretty easy to do!

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